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Mi Amor

Living in Andalucia 

Generation 50+ on the move 

Living somewhere else? Count me in!


Leave family and friends? Give up everything? Yes! More and more people just do it! Its not the 'Silver Surfer' generation or 70 years +, but the younger ones. Those who have had the job, managed the kids and built a successful home. They are asking themselves now "what about me? What's next for me? There are ten more years until my pension, but I'm bored. I don't want to wait!". Many are financially independent but empty inside. Just looking for something new, different. Better weather., a relaxed life. World Travel? Or maybe move completely!

The current 50+ generation are the Baby Boomers. Born in the 60s or early 70s and raised in peacetime. with a stable economy. Thanks to more sporting, healthy food and a different world view, they look and feel 10 years yourger than their parents at the same age. The previous generation still worked right up to the retirement age. Today's retirees feel they can break out much earlier, asking themselves 'why wait?'. Doesn't everyone know of someone who died suddenly when they had just retired?


Now we are healthy. Now we are dynamic. Now it's time to start over again. 

With British citizenship, the world awaits you. For that we can be thankful! Hardly a country will reject British people. Brits are well respected for being polite and patient. OK, the dressing (or non-dressing) in the summer time is something which could be improved, but you can't have everything, can you?!

Getting into a new life is always accompanied by doubts. Can I do it? 

I do not know anybody! How do I get on without my friends and family? 

Is it difficult to live somewhere else?

This blog sheds light on a life in another country from my own experience. 

Enjoy reading, comments are welcome.

Claudia Sabine von Reth

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