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Meet the people who moved to Andalucia. Look at their successful companies. Many are self-employed and have realized their dream of living in another country. How did they do it? Why did they do it?


There is a huge potential of experts in the region. People who are working their passion, what they felt like doing all their life. After squeezing into a ‘normal Job’ for all these years, coming to Spain not only changed their place to live, but as well their profession. 

Experts ranges from all kind of health and body specialists, sports and psychology. Artists. Designer. A very creative community. Motivational. Strong, enthusiastic. 

Surely, not everyone is that blessed. Lots of jobs are in real estate, sales, or restaurants. Many work longer hours. Many do more then one job.


A look behind the scenes of the expats. A community with nationalities from all over the world. All the people and companies presented on this page are personal recommendations, not paid advertising. Enjoy reading, comments are shares are appreciated.

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