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Beautiful Córdoba for 2 days.

After arriving in the afternoon we had a stroll in the old town in the evening. Around the cathedral, cobblestone narrow streets, beautiful lighting at night.

The streets were quite empty and we noticed lots of restaurants and shops were closed permanently - signs showing for rent / alquiler . Assuming they have not survived the pandemic. It’s so sad, all these poor people have lost their business.... we talked about a lot last night, we had restaurants in the UK and we would not have survived the closures.

The next day we did Sightseeing - on my birthday - and we tried to boost the economy as much as we could - it’s such a lovely small town and you don’t need a car, lots of streets are narrow.

We stayed 2 nights and that was fine. Hotel Selu was a lovely choice - including the parking garage we paid for 2 nights with breakfast 175euro. Surely visited the famous cathedral: entrance fee is 11euro per person. A must-see! UNESCO World heritage since 1984

Tourists are coming back but mainly from Spain. We hardly heard any other language but Spanish.

Around 40% of the shops and restaurants are closed forever- signs showing “for rent” on all streets: the small side streets as well as the main shopping street. That’s sad, isn’t it?! Thinking of all the business owners starting their new adventure with lots of motivation and enthusiasm. And then stop! Forced to close and unable to reopen.

We recommend Córdoba. Very relaxing. Friendly city. Only one hour drive up north from Malaga.

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