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Sarah & Steve

Forever Aloe Vera

Hi my name is Sarah and together with my husband Steve we were living the "rat race" life back in the UK. Steve worked for the family business and I was working for a small family business plus running my Forever Living Network Marketing business too. It had always been a dream of ours to live abroad and we chose Southern Spain as our destination but in the future. However, one Sunday back in July 2018 we were travelling back to the South of Engalnd when we got stuck in a traffic jam on the M25. It was very hot sunny day and Steve was not very happy. During that 2 hour delay, sat in the car amongst all those other frustrated people, we made the decision there and then to move to Spain as soon as possible. So we put the wheels in motion, and moved out on Dec 19th 2018. We found a beautiful villa right where we thought we wanted to be. Turns out it's just perfect for us. Steve has retired from the family business, and set up his own dog boarding business. I am now working my Forever business from Spain, the joys of a global company, and we enjoy lots of time together at our own pace and NO traffic jams!!! Our lives have changed hugely, and we have made lots of new friends along the way. Our first year has been a transitional year with lots of learning, but we are ready to take on our second year with a love for the Spanish culture and way of life.

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