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Ultra Runner

March 2017...

I made a decision that totally transformed my life but, I didn’t know it at the time.

My life had already changed so drastically, JoJo and I sold, gave away and dumped literally everything we owned and paid off all our debts (yes,totally debt free...and breathe!).

Then we bought a left hand drive car, threw in the cat, dog, a few essentials packed around them and drove for three days to the Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain.

Then, We made the decision to follow a plant based diet.

I had to learn how to cook, and with foods I’d never heard of before, like Nutrional Yeast and Miso paste.

I was training for my first Ultra marathon (94km). I found that quite a few of the elite athletes had amazing results on Plant Powered nutrition. It enabled them to train harder and go further before fatigue sets in and recover quicker after.

This led me to study nutrition, get my diploma and become a nutritionist.

From making one difficult decision (I loved my steak and chips), I changed my life in so many different ways and found my passion for helping people find their zest for life again with tasty, healthy, whole food meals.

So, make that decision, take action and you never know where will end up!

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